Branch County Jail & Sheriff’s Facility

Project Size:

Square Feet:
65,000 sq.ft.

Contract Type:
Construction Management (CM)

Branch County

Byce & Associates

Coldwater, MI

The new Branch County Jail and Sheriff’s Facility is a 56,500 SF Building which can house up to 220 inmates. The housing side is a multi-level facility that has 54 housing cells. The control room in the housing area is centered around 11 Dayrooms, and 4 dormitories. There are also 2 work release rooms, indoor recreation, and multiple classrooms in the housing side. This facility management systems include Guard One and Willoughby Water Management.

The Sheriff’s Office side is broken up into 3 parts. The 1st being the kitchen and laundry areas. This area includes storage rooms, library laundry, and a full kitchen. The 2nd being the booking area which consists of 13 holding cells, sally port, video arraignment, property storage and medical. The final section is the Sheriff’s Office. In this area you have the public lobby, visitation, interview rooms, evidence storage and transfer rooms, squad room, training room, armory, and administrative offices.