CMU Beaver Island Mesocosm Projects

Project Size:
2011 – $500,000
2013 – $457,182

Contract Type:
Construction Management (CM)

Central Michigan University

Clark Trombley Randers
Berman Associates

Beaver Island, MI

The 2011 renovation of a former boathouse and installation of 12 mesocosm tanks allow CMU faculty, students, and visiting investigators at the CMU Biological Station to conduct controlled and replicated ecological experiments on the ecosystems of Lake Michigan.

In the summer of 2013, Clark was asked to return to the island to demo a storage area and create (2) seven person labs with integrated fume hoods. These labs are supplied with direct access to fresh Lake Michigan water for their testing. New epoxy floors, HVAC with separate controls to each lab area, and generator back up on critical equipment were installed.

The 2nd Phase, at the Main Lodge, required removing the original single pane glazing and wood framing, installing insulated low “E” glass with framing to match the newer lecture hall, incorporated awning and sliding windows for ventilation, and replacing old doors and framing in the dorm, dining and kitchen areas.

This was all completed on time in spite of having no cell phone service and the many obstacles we faced working on the site, such as getting material and contractors on and off the island. The ferry boat only ran 2 to 3 times a week and the winds, fog, and heavy rain dictated deliveries. Bugs had their seasons too and were quite overwhelming at times and hard to keep out of a building under construction.