Crisler Arena Renovation

Project Size:

Square Feet:
177,543 sq.ft.

Contract Type:
General Contract (GC)

The University of Michigan

TMP Architecture

Ann Arbor, Michigan

The 177,543 sq.ft. Crisler Arena Renovation project was basically a Mechanical-Electrical-Plumbing (MEP) project plus bowl finishes and life safety.  Fire suppression water feed, pump and distribution were added to the building.  Ten 40-year-old air handlers were replaced with eight new, efficient models capable of adding cooling in the future.  The entire electrical service was replaced, distribution improved, and lighting replaced throughout the arena.

Finish updates involved replacing all arena steps to align with the arena vomitories (entries), epoxy coating the entire arena concrete surfaces, and the addition of hand rails.  In addition, two sets of two Loge boxes on the inner concourse and six boxes at the top of the upper bowl at mid-court were constructed.  Life safety changes included improvements to the fire alarm system, adding beam smoke detectors, a Fire Command Center, fire suppression, smoke control system and exit signs and egress lighting.           

The project means, methods and schedule were derived around safety.  The Clark team coordinated two cranes in the same area, one for roofing and the other for mechanical penthouse picks (demo, structural & mechanical).  Additionally, there were two 125’ man lifts on the arena event level and scaffolding around the perimeter where the man lifts could not reach.  The scaffolding was erected in quadrants with two sections being rotated every four weeks.  The area occupied was essentially the upper bowl, leaving the inner concourse available for scissor lift and material handling purposes.   An existing, unearthed area beneath the arena bowl was renovated into a storage room.