75 Stories: Andrew Holewinski, Project Manager

2021 marks the 75th Anniversary for Clark Construction Company. To celebrate, we’re using our employee’s voices to explain the impact Clark has made to our fellow teammates, communities, and clients. This is Andrew’s story.

Why Clark Construction Company?  I have been working for Clark Construction Company since 2016. On that first day when I walked in for my interview, there was an owner waiting for me in the board room that wanted to know more about me as a person more than what was on my resume.  This impressed me from the start.

Clark Construction started with Leon Clark, followed by his sons John and Chuck, and now his grandsons’ Paul, Bill, and our President, Sam Clark.  To say family is part of our tradition is an understatement.  Clark Construction has built this tradition on a foundation of trust.  Our core values of Competent, Reliable, Sincere and Care are not just ways we treat family but all of our clients, partners, teammates, and the next generation. 

I’ve had the pleasure to work on some awesome projects for Clark Construction these past few years. Whenever I work for K-12 school districts, I have another level of gratitude towards the project.  Through this work, we are making life better for the administration, teachers, and the next generation of young adults.  The passion Clark has toward school districts is not only felt through our leadership, but also through our subcontractors and trades people who are on our projects.  As a result, our clients see this and continually ask us to help them with their future work as well.  One school district that I have worked with for nearly the past three years is Warren Consolidated Schools.  This team at Warren Consolidated Schools has not only worked hand and hand with each other, but we have driven each other to the next level of quality and delivering performance for the next generations.

Here is to 75 years and the next 75 years to come.

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