Science, Technology, and Research

Clark Construction’s experience on more than $1 billion in complex science, technology, and research projects in recent years.  We understand the specialized nature of the building systems, equipment, and furnishings required for research and development projects. Clark  has created proven processes for estimating, procuring, tracking, and constructing these systems to meet owner’s design intents and specifications.  We start off by establishing our clean culture to ensure that the building remains clean throughout the building process.   Many of these same systems are utilized in the construction of hospital and healthcare facilities, including:

  • Working in a sterile environment
  • Constructing new, or renovating existing, clean rooms
  • Sophisticated piping and manifold systems
  • Laboratory exhaust systems
  • BSL-2/3 lab spaces
  • Metal Free Lab
  • Chemistry
  • Aquatic Research
  • Interdisciplinary Labs
  • Collaborative, flexible spaces
  • Security and fire suppression systems
  • Special air and water requirements
  • Auxiliary electrical systems


  • Clarity – BIM Coordindation
  • Closer – Commissioning & Turnover (enhanced commissioning)
  • Pre-Construction Services
  • Benchmarking
  • Estimating
  • Scheduling (including Clockwork)
  • Trade Partner Bidding and Procurement
  • Design-Build/Design-Assist/Construction Manager at Risk/General Contractor
  • LEED Management
  • Department of Technology, Management (DTMB) – State of Michigan Process


  • Academic Classrooms
  • Active Learning Classrooms
  • Clean Rooms
  • Cold Rooms
  • Electron Microscope Labs
  • Vivariums
  • Isotope lab
  • Biosafety Labs
  • Insectary
  • Imaging Center
  • Shielded Labs
  • Greenhouses
  • Herbarium
  • Battery Test Labs


Robert LaLonde

Robert LaLonde

Senior Vice President

Science, Technology, and Research Projects