75 Stories: Dan Hoffman, Project Manager

2021 marks the 75th Anniversary for Clark Construction Company. To celebrate, we’re using our employee’s voices to explain the impact Clark has made to ourselves, fellow teammates, communities, and clients. This is Dan’s story.

Three years ago, I returned home to Michigan from Seattle, Washington to take a risk on being a subcontractor for the new Self-Perform Division at Clark Construction Company. Admittedly, I had some trepidation, but it was a risk worth taking. My entire adult career I had spent working outside of Michigan; I left during the recession of 2007.

Clark took a chance on me and brought me home so that we could raise our family by our family.

The first week, the Director of Operations said, “welcome aboard” and that he hopes I end my career with Clark. That sent chills down my spine and made me instantly feel at HOME. That feeling has not left since starting at Clark.

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