75 Stories: Dan Korte, Vice President

2021 marks the 75th Anniversary for Clark Construction Company. To celebrate, we’re using our employee’s voices to explain the impact Clark has made to our fellow teammates, communities, and clients. This is Dan’s story.

I have worked in some capacity of construction for over 25 years now.  Before coming to Clark, I worked for two very large national (and international) companies that had 22,000 and 7,600 employees in the United States alone.  It was great experience, and I was involved in all facets of the construction process on some very impressive projects, but neither of them compare to what we have here at Clark!

I wouldn’t classify Clark as a “small” company by any stretch – 270+ employees and over $450 million in annual revenue is by no means small! – but we sometimes refer to ourselves as “small by comparison” to some of the regional/national firms.  That said, what I think is truly unique and special about Clark is that the “feel” of our company is still that of a small, FAMILY company.  I think that has only gotten stronger even as we continue to grow in size, capacity, and as more “family members” continue to on-board which is especially remarkable.  Even more unique is that ANYONE at Clark can contribute in a positive way and help us move the needle; we are NOT the large slow-turning ship that some larger Construction Manager’s are.

I have been involved in over 35 projects in my nearly seven years here at Clark and have worked with some truly impressive people – from marketing, IT, preconstruction, operations, safety, accounting, and all the others that are involved in project support and oversight.  Not all of our projects have been easy, but most project are full of challenges and ups and downs.  However, most of the projects I have worked on in the healthcare space have proven to be difficult yet rewarding, mainly because these buildings ultimately help people in our community and Clark family in some capacity.  Speaking from personal experience, I, or those in my family have been patients, or even NEWBORNS, in some of the projects we’ve built.  If you’ve never had an MRI in a building you were involved in, it can be a very odd, humbling, and ironic feeling!

My family and I have enjoyed getting to know so many others in this company and their respective families.  Some of our favorite memories have been the baseball games and Christmas parties.  Just as important though, I know that we also attend each other’s birthdays, funerals, and other non-work life events that are important and meaningful to our colleagues.  If you’ve never worked for another company, you may never truly appreciate how special that is.

I am grateful for my “short” time here at Clark, I am excited to celebrate the milestone 75th year, and I look forward to creating a whole slew of NEW stories with the Clark family as it continues to grow.

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