75 Stories: Nick Henne, Senior Project Manager

2021 marks the 75th Anniversary for Clark Construction Company. To celebrate, we’re using our employee’s voices to explain the impact Clark has made to our fellow teammates, communities, and clients. This is Nick’s story.

After three months onboard at Clark Construction, I find myself at Central Michigan University with a great group of co-workers.  I was still very new to Clark and have a lot to learn, but the group at CMU really helped me grow quickly. After about a month of being onsite, I knew I had gained the trust of the team.  This made the duration of the project very enjoyable.  We worked hard and for long hours as the project was quite demanding, but the team camaraderie was strong, and we achieved our goals and ended up landing another project which encompassed several small summer maintenance projects.  Not to mention we operated six to seven staff members out of a 16’x14′ basement office, and ½ my desk was a large coffee cup box. This allowed me to grow even more as I was in an assistant project manager role.

These projects were demanding, fast paced, and complex, but they were a blast to manage.  We touched almost every building on campus in some way with these projects.  My time at CMU really showcased what Clark Construction is all about: teamwork, reliability, and client satisfaction. These are among the many reasons Clark continues to be a preferred contractor at CMU for over nine years.  I always refer to those years at CMU that allowed me to grow personally and professionally. I take my years of experience to multiple projects at Michigan State University, and now at Kettering University.  The friendships gained with my co-workers is really what I cherish most, and I am glad to still call them my friends today, almost 10 years later.

Cheer to 75 more years of friendships and success at Clark Construction.

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