Clark Receives AGC Michigan Cornerstone Award for Construction Training Excellence

On February 26, at the AGC Michigan Annual Meeting, the Clark team was in virtual attendance to receive the Cornerstone Award. The Cornerstone Award was created by AGC Michigan to award companies that have demonstrated outstanding records for advancing the quality of their employees through training. Clark’s extensive training programs will be featured in the Michigan Constructor magazine with a circulation of more than 3,800 industry representatives in Michigan.

President/CEO, Sam Clark, was in attendance to accept the prestigious award on behalf of the company. Clark’s extensive training efforts to enrich our employees includes training in leadership, health & safety, diversity & inclusion, and a robust onboarding program. Our training and development efforts are led our by our Vice President of Human Resources, Lyn Hewitt, and our Training & Development Coordinator, Kimara Mayberry. Our safety training is led by our Safety Director, Dale Ave-Lallemant.

Congratulations to our HR + Safety team for their outstanding efforts!


Company President/CEO, Sam Clark, was in attendance to accept the AGC Michigan Cornerstone Award.