Clockwork LogoClark’s proprietary Clockwork™ trade hour scheduling process is an integral feature in our schedule management process. The purpose of Clockwork™ is to provide an approach to scheduling that is based on the projected number of trade hours that will be required to construct a project. This method can be used for 1) an initial analysis of the schedule, 2) as an aid to completing a CPM schedule, and finally 3) as a tool to gauge the progress of a project independently, but in conjunction with traditional bar charts and CPM schedules. Clockwork™ provides for tracking and management of all major activities in the project life cycle, including design, approvals, procurement, submittals, construction, and turnover. The schedule is developed early in the pre-construction/design stage and is updated through the duration of the project.

We analyze our projects for required trades and hours, we develop a model of predicted labor requirements for the project, which we use for CPM scheduling and for measurements of project progress. This information, along with the use of a 3D model, allows us to create an extremely accurate 4D schedule.


Clockwork Examples