Bellamy Creek

East Bellamy Creek Correctional Facility

Project Size:

Square Feet:
316,781 sq.ft.

Contract Type:
General Contract

State of Michigan

Arcadis Giffels

Ionia, Michigan

The new 1788-bed, Level IV maximum security correctional facility is located on an 82-acre site, and is known as the East Bellamy Creek Facility in Ionia, Michigan.  The facility includes:

  • 7 housing units consisting of 28,892 sq.ft., which will house approximately 122 cells, double bunked (240 prisoners) in each, for a total of 1680 inmates.
  • Administration Building – 27,016 sq.ft.
  • Support Services Building (medical/dental facilities and kitchen/dining facilities– 35,506 sq.ft.
  • Education/Gymnasium Building – 31,454 sq.ft.
  • Warehouse/Water Treatment Building – 19,991 sq.ft.
  • Two small out buildings.

The facility’s perimeter is surrounded by fences with razor-ribbon and is also patrolled by armed staff and monitored by gun towers.