Pre-Bond Services

Under the leadership of Clark Construction Company’s Bond Campaign Team, Michigan public school districts have gained the support of the community with the approval of more than 95% of the Capital Budget Bond proposals. Clark Construction Company’s Bond Team members have led successful bond campaigns in over 30 school districts.

Paul Bemis - 2014 (1)Clark Construction Company’s Bond Campaign Specialist, Paul Bemis, is prepared to join with your district, providing enthusiastic leadership to win your next Bond Program. Paul has specialized in bond campaign management and marketing support for school districts and municipalities for over 17 years. He has formed teams that have successfully organized and passed bond programs in Michigan and Ohio totaling over $2 billion. Paul created and authored the “Classroom Model”, a bond campaign strategy, which has led to a 95% bond success rate where districts have employed all aspects of the “Classroom Model.” Passage of your planned Bond Program will be greatly enhanced through Paul’s assistance and emphasis on teamwork, community involvement, and structured organization.

The Clark Bond Campaign team will provide any level of campaign support as determined by the school district ranging from a menu of items that include consulting with school district officials, developing bond communication goals, establishing program standards, guiding promotional activities, assisting community campaign committees and the district’s architect to providing our comprehensive campaign assistance program. Utilizing our comprehensive campaign program Paul will work with the district’s Administration and Community Members to assist in educating the community members of the district’s needs and create broad-based community support. Aspects of our comprehensive program include the following:

  •  Calendar of Events
  • Tailor Campaign Strategy
  • Survey Community & Define Expectations
  • Campaign Branding and Message Points
  • Communications Strategy
  • Task Assignments
  • “Yes Voter” Identification
  • Get out the “Yes Vote”

The following are samples of pre-bond program materials.