Pre-Construction Advantage

Pre-construction services is one of the biggest benefits of CM over the traditional Design-Bid-Build approach. Clark Construction Company offers a complete package of pre-construction services designed to provide a high quality project, delivered on time and on budget. Our pre-construction advantage includes:

  • Preliminary Evaluation Of Program And Budget – In cooperation with the Architect, the Clark Team will evaluate the requirements of the program, conceptual plans, and the budget to move the project through the initial steps of the design.
  • Estimating and Budget Reconciliation Process – Our cost estimating process includes periodic estimates as design progresses in conjunction with a reconciliation process to restrain project scope creep and maintain an appropriate level of contingency.
  • Constructability Review and Value Engineering – The Clark Team will use our Critique™ process database to avoid those “surprises” we may have encountered on past projects. We will bring our past experience on projects and those lessons learned to the pre-construction phase. As we work through the budget reconciliation process, we may suggest alternate materials and systems as value engineering suggestions to save money on the project.
  • Smoother Construction Process with Constructability Reviews – RFIs can be reduced substantially with our Critique™ constructability review process. Our Project Manager and Superintendent together with our Planning Department will review project documents against our Constructability Review Checklist looking specifically for clarity and content, or lack thereof.
  • Project Scheduling using Clark’s Clockwork™ Tradehour Scheduling Process – When we analyze our projects for required trades and hours, we develop a model of predicted labor requirements for the project, which we use for CPM scheduling and for measurements of project progress. This process has proven itself many times as an accurate predictor
    of delays and a proactive measure for recovery plans.
  • 3D/BIM Clarity™ Process for Reduction of Change Orders – The BIM process is an excellent visualization and communication tool that leads to our project clash detection process – a proven process for virtually eliminating the field problems associated with MEP coordination.
  • LEED Consultation and Integration – The Clark Team will work closely with the Architect to identify and implement the LEED certification process. We will provide cost information on the credits sought and set the groundwork for incorporating LEED into our bid packages.  Even if your project will not pursue LEED certification, we will still implement many LEED principles on your project like: recycling construction materials, not allowing vehicles to idle on-site, requiring project work lights to be on timers, and all lights to be CFL or LED.
  • Effective Bid Package Strategy – We will package bid documents in a manner that gives trade partners specific expectations of responsibility, scope, quality, schedule, and close-out requirements. We will attempt to obtain maximum participation of local trade partners and suppliers.
Robert LaLonde

Robert LaLonde

Sr. Vice President of Estimating & Planning

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