Program Management

As your project manager, we act as an extension of your staff and as part of this process, we solicit A/Es, manage projects, and provide long term planning and budgeting. We will train and equip your staff in order for them to be able to act as your representative for future projects. Based on Clark’s experience and strong commitment to our clients, you can be assured that we will manage your project efficiently and to your specifications.

The Clark Team will attend meetings, and participate in the development and design of the projects and work closely with staff and project vendors during all phases. Our services will be in place from pre-construction through post-construction and will focus on:

  •  Preliminary due diligence process
  •  Architect selection process
  •  Design process
  •  Construction process
  •  Post-construction process

With this form of management, your role is to convey creative financial and business objectives and provide input into the decision making process. The Clark Team advises on, executes, and manages all project components in accordance with the Owner’s objectives and design intent.